Atlanta Jewish Film Festival – Shorts Program 1 – Virtual

February 9, 2023 $18.00 - $360.00
CAL_FF_Shorts Program 1

AJFF’s Shorts Programs represent an international collection of narrative and documentary films, ranging from 40 to just a few minutes in length. Each program blends a variety of genres, styles, and subject matter.

The Peacock that Passed Over: A whimsical, charming glimpse at a Yorkshire community’s jubilant, eccentric reaction after an errant peacock takes up residence at a Leeds synagogue.

Fledge: Laurel icon denoting the film is in competition for a Jury Prize. In this highly creative, exquisite folkloristic stop-motion fantasy, a Russian immigrant teen in Israel is torn between her desire for acceptance versus adhering to her identity.

What Has Changed: Returning home for Passover, an Israeli soldier rejects his friends’ invitation to skip the seder, in this slice of complicated, fractious family life. Israel Academy Award Best Short nominee.

The Photographer: One of the war’s only known Jewish partisan photographers, Faye Schulman, uses her skills and resourcefulness to resist, survive and later educate to ensure the world “never forgets.”

Letter to a Pig: A Holocaust survivor’s testimony inspires a schoolgirl to ponder the complexities of human nature. Jerusalem Film Festival Best Animation and Israeli Academy Award Best Short winner.

Anne: Laurel icon denoting the film is in competition for a Jury Prize. Turning cultural appropriation on its head, two actresses wait to audition for the role of a lifetime, in this provocative, poignant look at who owns history in today’s cultural climate.

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Every day (all day)First event on February 9, 2023Last event on February 21, 2023
$18.00 General Admission. Virtual Cinema tickets are priced per household.
$360.00 All Access
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