Atlanta Jewish Film Festival – Shorts Program 4 (Virtual)

March 7, 2024 $18.00 - $240.00
CAL_Shorts Program 4 VIRTUAL

Cultural Mosaic: Journeys of Identity and Belonging – The tapestry of cultural identity, forging bonds, and revealing shared humanity in a changing world.

Katya’s Hand: A crane worker struggling to balance home versus work duties, leaves her son to babysit during a storm, leading to unforeseen challenges and deepening bonds. Jerusalem Film Festival Best Short winner.

Helsinki Yiddish Cabaret: Musicians revive the sparkling and joyful lyrics of a forgotten Finnish cabaret artist, revealing a snippet of largely unknown history and the essence of the city’s Jewish community.

Puerto Rican Jew: A Bronx man, guided by the care of others, discovers his true heritage through a DNA test, unraveling family secrets, in a celebration of diverse cultures and a journey into genealogy and inclusion.

The Anne Frank Gift Shop: A design firm’s daring revamp of an Anne Frank gift shop sparks a provocative, darkly comic exploration of generational trauma while shrewdly mocking today’s hyper commercialized world.

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Fact Sheet
Every day , 12:00 pm - 8:00 pmLast event on March 7, 2024
$18.00 Virtual Cinema tickets are priced per household
$240.00 Streaming Pass — Includes all films available in the Virtual Cinema.
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