March marks the beginning of Spring, a season of rejuvenation and renewal, marked by blooming flowers, warmer weather, and a sense of hope and optimism.  In Judaism, the Spring season holds great significance as it coincides with Purim. Purim is an important holiday that commemorates the triumph of the Jews of the Persian Empire over their archenemy, Haman, in the 5th century BCE.  Spring is also a great time for a Jewish single to focus on romance, love, and relationships.

The story of Purim illustrates the importance of human relationships and connections, through celebrating the themes of redemption, freedom, and spiritual growth.  Purim commemorates the story of Queen Esther, who courageously saved the Jewish people from the plots of Haman, a wicked advisor to her husband, the Persian King Ahasuerus.

During Purim, Jews come together to read the Megillah, the common name for the biblical book of Esther written in scroll format, which recounts the interactions between Queen Esther, her uncle Mordechai, and King Ahasuerus. Esther is devoted and indebted to Mordecai, who took Esther in as an orphan and raised her.

When Mordechai learns of Haman’s genocidal plan to exterminate the Jewish people, he collaborates with Esther to convince Ahasuerus, who loves Esther dearly, to intercede and neutralize Haman. Esther courageously saves the Jewish people from Haman’s evil plot by leveraging her relationship with Ahasuerus to thwart Haman, thus enabling love to triumph over hate. This narrative underscores the importance of love and the power of relationships within Jewish tradition.

This story also demonstrates the significance of love and how powerful relationships can be when they are based and grounded in love.  Esther was willing to risk her life to have her husband’s advisor removed.

Love is a fundamental and powerful emotion that can transform and strengthen relationships.  When relationships are grounded in love, they possess an incredible power that can withstand challenges, foster growth, and bring immense happiness and fulfillment to those involved.

Purim is also a festive holiday. The Megillah is read publicly, with the congregants booing and hollering whenever Haman’s name is mentioned and cheering for Mordecai and Esther. The celebration involves food, drink, and delicious treats such as hamantaschen. The raucousness of the celebration breaks down the formal atmosphere that sometimes prevails in the sanctuary, creating a more informal environment where Jewish singles can kibbitz, connect, find meaning, and explore the potential for romantic relationships within a supportive community.

Purim offers an opportunity to reflect on love, celebrate connections, and foster a sense of Jewish community and continuity.  Celebrating Purim in synagogue parties and other gatherings acts as a reminder that happiness and fulfillment can be found in various forms and that the journey of finding love is an integral part of life.

Jewish singles who want to find true love may want to consider the following: Try an online dating site that caters to Jewish singles; ask  friends or family for an introduction to their single friends; join a meet-up group that has activities you enjoy doing; attend a speed dating event; spend some time at your local place of worship; host a Shabbat dinner; plan a trip with a singles group; or take a fun and educational class.  Most importantly, be open-minded, make the effort, and embrace the unexpected in one or more ways this spring.

Ray Alyssa Rothman is Chief Kibbitzer and Founder of Kibbitz & Konnect, the Premier In-Person Social Network for Atlanta’s Jewish Singles.

Kibbitz & Konnect, Inc. is a non-profit organization for Jewish singles in the greater Atlanta area. There are events for young professionals and those who are 50 plus. The organization hosts monthly events, which include happy hours, the AJFF (Atlanta Jewish Film Festival) party and movies, theater outings, concerts, networking meetings, dancing, and Shabbat dinners. Kibbitz & Konnect promotes Jewish continuity by sponsoring social events where Jewish singles can meet romantic partners.  Find them on Facebook, Instagram and at www.kibbitzkonnect.

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