Atlanta Jewish Film Festival – Murky Skies (Virtual)

March 7, 2024 $18.00 - $240.00
CAL_Virtual Murky Skies February 15

The calamitous crash of an Israeli cargo plane in Amsterdam sets off a global web of veiled truths, scandal and conspiracy. In 1992, an El Al Boeing 747 en route from JFK to Tel Aviv crashed into a high-rise in the Bijlmer immigrant district, killing dozens and injuring many. The official explanation of a technical failure is eclipsed by enigmatic events: unexplained illnesses, missing evidence, and a dangerous secret payload. Three decades on, the truth remains buried beneath covert military operations, financial misconduct, and political cover-ups. With newly acquired archives, previously unseen footage, and testimony from Dutch and Israeli sources, this exposé revisits the deadliest aviation disaster in Dutch history, revealing the profound drama of those rebuilding their lives. Get Tickets at

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Every day , 12:00 pm - 8:00 pmLast event on March 7, 2024
$18.00 Virtual Cinema tickets are priced per household
$240.00 Streaming Pass — Includes all films available in the Virtual Cinema.
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