Atlanta Jewish Film Festival – The Other Widow (Virtual)

March 7, 2024 $18.00 - $240.00
CAL_0215 0218 The Other Widow February 15

A Tel Aviv costume designer grapples with the loss of her secret lover, plunging her into veiled grief. Ella (Dana Ivgy), enmeshed in an affair with a famed, married theater director, reels from his sudden passing, bound to hide their secret romance and her unspoken sorrow. At his family’s shiva, she encounters his icily beautiful wife, Natasha (Ania Bukstein), revealing disconcerting truths that deepen her turmoil. These intimate encounters compel Ella to reassess her place in his life, setting her on a path of self-discovery and renewal. Writer-director Ma’ayan Rypp’s refined, affecting debut feature, garnering 9 Israeli Academy Award nominations, delicately intertwines rich character studies with theatrical motifs, to present a sympathetic view of the oft-maligned “other woman.”

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Fact Sheet
Every day , 12:00 pm - 8:00 pmLast event on March 7, 2024
$18.00 Virtual Cinema tickets are priced per household
$240.00 Streaming Pass — Includes all films available in the Virtual Cinema.
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