Atlanta Jewish Film Festival – Paris Boutique – Virtual

February 21, 2023 $18.00 - $360.00
CAL_FF_Paris Boutique

A fish-out-of-water Jewish-French lawyer, and duplicitous but amiable Israeli hustler, unravel a mystery in Jerusalem’s Old City, in this delightful female-buddy romcom.

Taking a break from planning her lavish wedding, Louise (Joséphine Draï) arrives from Paris to handle a high-end property deal her father has engineered and being fought over by Jews, Muslims and Christians. He wants it sold to Jews, among which are holy men who are hucksters trying to outbid each other. Landing in Israel, Louise has the misfortune of being picked up by Neta (Nelly Tagar), a hard up and heartbroken cabbie giving rides to tourists to make ends meet. Neta swindles her well-heeled passenger to cover debts her cheating husband has saddled her with before he skedaddled. What begins as a hellish visit for Louise—out of her element wearing designer clothes, costing what many locals earn in a year—serendipitously ends with the two becoming fast friends, bonding over botched relationships with men, while traversing the magical heart of Jerusalem.

Their adventure, rooted in a wish hidden in the Western Wall, makes the most of the narrow, cobblestoned streets around the Machaneh Yehuda market and in the Old City. Directed by Marco Carmel, this comedy of errors received six Israeli Academy Award nominations including a Best Actress nod to Nelly Tagar (Zero Motivation), one of Israel’s funniest talents.

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Every day (all day)Last event on February 21, 2023
$18.00 General Admission. Virtual Cinema tickets are priced per household.
$360.00 All Access
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