Our Stories, Our Bodies, Our Torah:Together After Dobbs

August 2, 2022 Free
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This is definitely a “hot topic,” but it’s also one that deserves more space than just in the news. The painful decision of whether to terminate a pregnancy has been stripped of complexity and nuance, presented with political rhetoric rather than women*s real stories. This isn’t meant to be a space for debate – this is meant to be a space of holding, a space of care and empathy and compassion. There are too many of us who know firsthand how painful and complicated this conversation is.

Sometimes we just need a space to share our stories. Or to take a minute and listen to the stories of others.

Please join SVIVAH and Hadar for a special gathering dedicated to holding our stories. We’ll start Tuesday evening 8/2 with a space for women*, Our Stories, Our Bodies, Our Torah: Coming Together as a Community After Dobbs

Continuing on Wednesday 8/3 with Hadar’s Yom Iyyun: “Real Torah/Real Life: Abortion, Beyond Law”.

These are beautiful and compassionate educators. This space is open to all – learners of all backgrounds. More details here: www.svivah.org/hertorah-our-stories-our-bodies-our-torah-august2022

Please come when you can; stay till you can’t. But come. And show up with full and open hearts, ready to listen, a space to share if you want to. We’re just really grateful to be able to have these conversations together with you.

Sign up for the SVIVAH/HerTorah August 2nd gathering here.

Sign up for Hadar’s Yom Iyun on August 3rd here.

Questions? Email connect@svivah.org

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Tuesday, August 2, 2022, 7:45 pm - 10:00 pm
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