cluttered home – The Sonenshine TeamIs your house ready for the upcoming holidays? With the prospect of friends and family coming over for parties or holiday events in your home are you organized the way you’d like others to see? Maybe you’ve started pulling things out of storage, and you can’t quite find where everything is from last year.

It’s time to get organized!

I know, a dreaded word for some but to others it brings a sense of order and security. When our houses are in disarray, our lives tend to feel the same way. Some of us may need a little time to tidy up, other’s it may require finishing up old projects cluttering a space, or maybe your one of those who requires sloughing off old and unneeded nostalgic dross. Here are a few tips and suggestions to help organize some of the chaos of life.

Get a system:

The first thing that can help with keeping organized is to systematize your time and space. No, I don’t mean in a metaphysical way. I’m talking about developing weekly routines that help keep each room in check. Two ways to systemize your time are:

1) Pick a different room each day to focus on intently.

2) Limit your time each day on the ‘never-ending’ projects like the laundry, picking up after kids or a messy hobby.

Another significant component to making daily organization easier is having organization systems installed in your home. There are three main areas where most people need help organizing: the kitchen, the closets, and the garage.

Kitchen Organization

There are three spaces in the kitchen that tend to need organization help: the pantry, cabinets and the Tupperware drawer. When it comes to the pantry getting a custom shelving system is the best way to go. Get rid of those clunky wire racks and upgrade to a nice set of uprights with adjustable shelves and wire baskets. Keeping things organized in containers and baskets helps to make sure things don’t end up mismatched and haphazardly placed. Cereal and other snacks stored in large Tupperware containers help to keep things uniformed and neat.

When it comes to the cabinets, having a place for small items to go is a good solution. Installing a spice rack can help keep all those little containers organized and accessible. Using baskets to hold all your different vitamin and pill bottles will keep them together. They can be pulled out easily without knocking a bunch of bottles out the cabinet when pulling out one. As far as dish organization, keep like objects grouped together. If you have wine glasses, consider installing a way to hang them by the stem, and if you have a few favorite mugs, you can install hooks under the cabinet to hang a few of those used daily.

Tupperware drawers are the bane of everyone’s kitchen. Reduce the number of containers you have, throw out those containers or tops that are missing their other half and keep them stacked neatly together. Having a basket to hold your lids can help keep them from sliding everywhere in the drawer. These pesky drawers need to be reorganized on a regular basis, or they get out of control and disorganized.

Closet Organization

Again, when it comes to your closet get rid of those clunky wire shelves and get yourself a custom designed closet system. There are a few companies that develop these for you professionally; you’ll be delighted with the night and day difference of a custom-designed system verse old wire racks. With a system designed from uprights and partitions, you can easily adjust shelves and hanging spaces as well as install belt racks and tie racks. If you don’t have uprights, you can always install these belt and tie racks on a wall.

Drawers and hampers are good ways to keep things looking tidy in your closet. Depending on how big your wardrobe is you could have doors installed to keep the shelves of folded clothes hidden away. Jewelry tray inserts for drawers are an excellent way to keep jewelry and watches organized.

Garage Organization

The garage is typically the place where our storage overflow ends up alongside that pile of tools you have stacked in the corner. Garage cabinets are the solution you’ve been looking for, a good set of customized garage cabinets installed on your walls will not only be sturdy and secure, but they can also have doors to hide all that unsightly junk.

Having a system to store tools vertically either in a rack or on the wall is also a must. A good wall hanging system will have hooks for everything from rakes and shovels, to ladders and lawn chairs, down to screwdrivers and paper towel holder for over the workbench. You can even find bike racks that store your bikes vertically on the walls and angle them out of the way. Storing your long tools on the wall rather than in the corner is safer and makes them more accessible and aesthetically pleasing.

Finally, a good overhead rack system will give you a place to put those seasonal or less often used items. Most garage doors have a space above them where things can be stored, keeping them not only out of the way but also well hidden. There are even motorized options for easy access to these overhead stored items.

When it comes to organizing your life having a system in place can make all the difference. Whether its a method of scheduled projects per day or plans to help you store your everyday items for easier use and those less used items organized and out of sight, your house will be a more comfortable living space when your life is well organized.

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