At Passover each year, we ask, “Ma nishtanah halailah hazeh mikol haleilot?” (Why is this night different from all other nights?) Additionally, what we are all asking this year is, “How is it different, and how can we make the best of it?”

Passover is going to look different this year for most families. It’s harder to find the special Passover foods; we may be used to going elsewhere instead of staying home; the seder table won’t need the extra leaves and chairs to accommodate all the guests.

Here’s what hasn’t changed: Passover’s emphasis on telling the story, coming together over a meal, and reestablishing our values. If all you can do this year is share the story of the Exodus and eat some matzah (unleavened bread used on Passover), then say “Dayenu” (“that would have been enough, and for that alone we are grateful”). This is not the year to add extra pressure. We are here to help however you are honoring the holiday. We’re sending you everything you need to know about Passover, tips to host a virtual seder, and a hagaddah you can download at home, plus all the Passover crafts you need!

Click on: for more information and to download all resources including the Hagaddah, crafts, videos and recipes!

seder plate

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