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Roll back your shoulders. Unclench your jaw. Relax your brow. Take a deep breath.

In collaboration with Yael Shy, OneTable presents: PAUSE + Ponder, a monthly series that invites participants to welcome Shabbat creatively, with mindfulness practices and art as the vehicles for spiritual expression. We will paint, collage, scribble, sketch, and even sculpt using stuff you already have around the house OR that you buy for the occasion — perfect for artists and non-artists alike! 

PAUSE + Ponder will challenge guests to let their creativity flow in a virtual space. Using a variety of mediums, each session will delve into a monthly theme. Join Yael Shy and OneTable for an artistic expression and exploration of Shabbat and the community that can flourish when we PAUSE.

January | New Year Unplugging | Vision Boarding

February |Love — For Ourselves and Loved Ones | Radical Valentine Designs

March | Ritual + Practice

April |Spring Renewal

May | Mental Health Awareness Month

June | Pride

+more to come

Join us LIVE for one or all of this series. Let’s create and PAUSE together!

About our gathering for February

Remember the joy of making hand-made valentines as a kid? The lacy doilies, shiny stickers, the expressions of love, friendship and affection? What if we could recapture some of that love for ourselves and other loved ones? What if we could create hand-made reminders of our worth and our beauty to remind us – when the inner critic comes knocking – that we are enough?

We can! Join us this month as we meditate on the theme of Radical Self-Love and then create Radical Valentines! Radical Valentines are just like the old-school kind, only they are aimed at ourselves, with words of love that we really need to hear. Grab construction and colored paper, scissors, markers/crayons, valentine stickers, glue, and anything crafty as we concoct these creations. Don’t have any of these supplies? You can also create some minimalist Radical Valentines with just a pen and a paper.


About Yael Shy

Yael is the CEO of Mindfulness Consulting, LLC, where she teaches and consults on mindfulness for universities, corporations, and private clients around the world. Yael serves as the Mindfulness Program Director for the photography museum, Fotografiska: NYC, is a teacher for MNDFL, and a regular contributor to the Ten Percent Happier app. Yael is the author of the award-winning book, What Now? Meditation for Your Twenties and Beyond (Parallax, 2017).  Previously, Yael founded and directed MindfulNYU, the largest campus-based mindfulness initiative in the country.

Yael’s work has been featured on Good Morning America, CBS News, and Fox 5 News, as well as in Time Magazine, Real Simple and the Harvard Business Review.

“My life’s purpose is to support people and collectives with mindfulness and meditation tools to help them uncover their innate capacity for growth and their inherent worth. I teach classes, give workshops and talks, and lead individuals and teams in the transformative power of meditation and mindfulness. I have over a decade of teaching and consulting experience and nearly 20 years of meditation practice experience in Zen, Jewish, and secular contexts.” 

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Friday, February 12, 2021, 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
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