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Owner · Sugarcoat Beauty

At the front entrance of Corso, Peiru’s newest Sugarcoat location provides residents and their guests with unparalleled salon experiences. Designed to provide a relaxing and inviting atmosphere, Sugarcoat is voted as Atlanta’s Best Nail and Beauty Bar. Services including manicures, pedicures, hair, massages are provided by talented and skillful technicians who ensure your relaxation is a top priority.

Georgia Tech graduate, Peiru Kim, stumbled upon her passion for beauty after a pivot in her career from real estate. She purchased Sugarcoat Beauty in 2010 from an online business listing and started life as a small business owner. She attended beauty school at night to learn the business from the ground up while running the business during the

day. She worked 7 days a week and was immersed in daily operations to learn everything she could about the business. From the front of the house to the back of the house, she wanted to learn it all.

What she loved the most was the people she

served, she wanted to make a difference for those she got to touch day in and day out. She loves her

team, her clients, and the community. The biggest reward to her was seeing the smiling faces leaving and coming back year after year. Her vision is to create a beautiful space for people to gather, to give the best self-care experience to the community she serves. Peiru is fearlessly protective of her hard-working men and women.

A career in nail care should not be discriminated

against, so she had her business plan set to build the ultimate nail salon to change things up, and to set a new standard.



As Dr. Martin Luther King said: “If I cannot do great things, I can do great things in a small


Sugarcoat will continue to advocate for women and men in the nail care and beauty

industry. Sugarcoat continues to do better and be better, by helping uplift one another. Sugarcoat serves with humility and honesty for the greater good. Peiru says,

“True happiness is knowing you made someone else’s day a little brighter! Let’s Sugarcoat life with kindness, compassion, and truly love one another.”

We are excited to have the opportunity to


Sugarcoat now has 10 locations. The business is happy to say they have changed the way nail salons look and operate for the better and will continue to improve. Sugarcoat uses clean air technology, extra ventilation built into the manicure tables, pipeless glass pedicure bowls, non-toxic nail polishes, and no drilling extensions that are healthy for your nail enhancement.

Sugarcoat salons are modern, clean, and beautiful making for a great place to work and a relaxing place to get pampered.

serve the residents at Corso Atlanta.


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