Founded in 1999, the Vi and Milton Weinstein Hospice is a nonprofit organization that provides comfort and the highest quality hospice care at home to individuals confronting life-limiting and end-of-life illnesses by offering them and their families spiritual, emotional, and medical support. Our care reflects the traditional Jewish concern for the personal dignity and uniqueness of each human life. Consistent with the Jewish belief that hospitality is a value, we welcome any patient and their family, people of the Jewish faith, any other faith, or no faith at all.


Weinstein Hospice is a small, not-for-profit organization whose entire 30 person staff has the privilege of becoming familiar with each of the approximately 50 patients and families we care for on any given day. This very high staff to patient ratio has a profound impact on the amount of time and individual attention we give to our patients. Our non-profit status enables us to keep our caseload small and serve families other hospices would turn away.  We receive invaluable support from the Jewish Community, which helps make this care possible.

Weinstein Hospice cares for non-Jewish patients; however, as a Jewish Hospice, we possess a built-in recognition of the cultural nuances, collective histories, and sensibilities many Jewish people share. We know the Jewish calendar, traditions, and rituals, and have Russian and Hebrew-speaking staff. While we have no preference, agenda, or beliefs about any particular Jewish practice or lack thereof, we appreciate that secular and non-secular Jews have often sought out Jewish-identified community, providers, and businesses. We believe that end-of-life care should include that same cultural comfort zone and institutional support.

Every hospice will provide the required hospice services, and Weinstein Hospice cares for people of all races, religions, and sexual preferences. Jewish families, however, can benefit from   and be comforted by the unspoken familiarity and understanding afforded by a Hospice that was created by and for Atlanta’s Jewish Community. We value our privilege to serve this community by(caring for the sick) bikkur cholim, (bringing comfort to the bereaved) nichum avelim, and (celebrating life) l’chaim.