The Burmese Rohingya Community of Georgia and JCRC-Atlanta presents a panel discussion on the plight of the Rohingyas in Burma/Myanmar, considered ethnic cleansing and genocide by several leading human rights organizations and scholars. Attendees will be provided a brief overview of Rohingya history, as well as a clearer understanding contextualizing the current situation in Burma/Myanmar, neighboring Bangladesh, and the wider region.

is the BRCG’s first ever engagement with the Atlanta Jewish community. As Jews, we are mandated to act upon the well-known phrase “Never Again.” For many decades, the minority Rohingya Muslim community has been persecuted by the Burmese government resulting in what some scholars and human rights organizations have called genocide. This is not a word the Jewish community can afford to treat lightly and minimize, and it is incumbent upon our community to learn and spread awareness about what is happening to vulnerable persecuted groups across the world.

Due to government-sanctioned violence, there are thousands of Rohingya refugees that have resettled in the United States in recent years, including a community of several hundred in Metro Atlanta that are now our neighbors, coworkers, and classmates. This program invites Rohingya community leaders to speak on their own communities’ behalf and share their first-hand experiences about life in Burma/Myanmar, illustrate what conditions are like for Rohingyas currently, as well as their personal experiences as recent refugees and resettling in Metro Atlanta.

 This is a Free Event

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