Congregation Ohr HaTorah is an Orthodox congregation in Atlanta, Georgia founded in 1994 upon the ideology of rigorous modern Orthodox principles. Based on the normative halachic philosophy adhered to by many Orthodox Jews in America, and one that is particularly common among the students of The Rav, Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik, zt”l, the essential hashkafa of the Young Israel of Toco Hills focuses on three central values: robust, proactive involvement in the secular worldthe religious significance of the State of Israel, and the pursuit, by all members of the congregation, to spiritual growth as manifested by the striving for increasing performance of mitzvot and the study of Torah.

The members of Ohr HaTorah subscribe to the philosophy that maintains that there is much of value in the secular world and that it is proper for one to seek out those intellectual pursuits in the secular world that are of worth, and to incorporate those consistent with Torah into one’s life. This necessitates a proactive, enthusiastic, and unashamed embrace of the challenges of secular life, allowing one to navigate through and examine the advances of society to analyze and incorporate those that enrich Torah observance. As part of this philosophy is also the consideration that the manifestation of the ideal is for Orthodox Jews to pursue a profession, l’chatchila, and to regularly learn Torah on a part-time basis in a manner consistent with earning a living.

The members of Ohr HaTorah believe that the establishment of the State of Israel (hakamat medinat yisrael) is of profound religious significance to Jews. Indeed, it is our hope and prayer that the State of Israel, as imperfect as it might be, ought to be the beginning of our religious redemption, and that its national holidays (Yom Haatzmaut, Yom Yerushalayim, Yom Hazikaron) should be religiously celebrated as Jewish holidays.

The members of Ohr HaTorah believe that the pursuit of holiness necessitates a perpetual process of individual spiritual and religious growth. The performance of mitzvot and the study of Torah are the tangible parameters of such growth, and this includes the encouragement of women to avail themselves of all opportunities for personal growth in mitzvot and Torah study afforded under the parameters of halacha, including such matters as Talmud study and ritual practice.

The doors of Ohr HaTorah are always open to warmly welcome anyone and everyone who would like to explore the richness and meaningful spirituality associated with modern Orthodoxy. We also recognize the important value of partnering and participating with the broader Atlanta Jewish community in the spirit of klal yisrael.