Griller’s Pride opened for business in Atlanta in 2002 as a Glatt Kosher Beef, Lamb, Veal and Poultry butchery – delivering directly to customers’ homes in Metro Atlanta. We now deliver to numerous cities within the Southeastern states and we ship our products to customers throughout the continental United States. We are under the supervision of The Atlanta Kashruth Commission and we invite existing and prospective customers to contact Rabbi Reuvein Stein, Director of Supervision of The Atlanta Kashruth Commission at (404) 634-4063 to verify our bona fides.

Griller’s Pride was launched soon after my 16-year career in the “HiTech” computer software industry ended. Ever since we arrived in the United States from South Africa in 1996, my wife Yael, had missed being able to obtain glatt kosher “Boerewors”, the authentic South African sausages that we were all raised on – an approximate (but infinitely better!) counterpart of the American hotdog. After years of her “pleading” with me to produce these ourselves, I finally succumbed. We bought a small sausage-making attachment for our Kitchen-Aid, and began making these for our friends and ourselves. The feedback was fantastic and we resolved to one day open up our own plant to produce these on a commercial basis.

Fast-forward and after what seemed like endless planning (and set-backs), we finally launched Griller’s Pride, to not only produce the KosherBoeries sausages, but also to produce a full-line of glatt kosher meat and poultry products. We found premises in Doraville (Atlanta) which was conducive to attaining supervision under The Atlanta Kashruth Commission and opened at this location in October of 2004.

We are still a young and small company but the support from and growth of our customer base continues to be the driving force of our enthusiasm.