Brain Health Bootcamp

If you’ve been recently diagnosed, or are recognizing symptoms of early memory loss, we can help maintain and enhance your memory and brain function. Email Georgia Gunter at for details. Cost: $25 per class or $200 per semester (scholarships may be available). Challenge yourself to fight dementia. Our program emphasizes memory enhancement through cognitive stimulation, physical exercise, education and socialization. You will have the opportunity to connect with others who are experiencing many of the same situations you are going through. The fun and meaningful brain and body exercises are conducted in a small group setting and are led by professionals experienced in the field of aging. Research shows brain fitness type activities, along with regular exercise, and social engagement can maintain brain function for a longer period of time in someone with a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease or other related dementia, compared to someone that does not participate in cognitive, physical and social type activities. Early intervention can help.

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