Connections don’t always happen right away, and it can take time for people to click. However, the bond between two people immediately solidifies once they find something they have in common. Luckily, for one Big and Little PAL match, they were able to find a commonality early on in their first conversation.

In January, Sarah Bernstein, PAL Program Manager, held a virtual match party for a new PAL match. Both Little and Big were nervous about meeting each other, but both took turns introducing themselves. While the Little was talking, he stated that he really enjoys working on the Rubik’s Cube. The Big suddenly stopped the Little and excitedly pulled out his own Ribik’s Cube while saying, “I love the Rubik’s Cube too!”

Everyone on the call laughed together, the conversation relaxed, and those on the call even got a bit teary-eyed. Bernstein shared, “the Little had a huge smile on his face after that, and I knew right there just how special this program (PAL) is.” Both Big and Little were so thrilled with the connection they had made, that they stayed on the Zoom call for an hour! Directly after that first conversation, the Little’s mother told Bernstein, “I think the PAL Program is going to be life changing for my son.”

If you would like to support the PAL Program of JF&CS, please join us for our first ever Havinawalk on Sunday, April 18! You can choose to gather in-person at The Weber School or join virtually. Walkers can enjoy a short course, COVID-friendly experiences and witness first-hand the impact the PAL Program has on the Atlanta community. Havinawalk is for Big and Little PALs to attend together, alumni of the program and community members. 

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