The Simon Wiesenthal Center is a global human rights organization researching the Holocaust and hate in a historic and contemporary context. The Center confronts anti-Semitism, hate and terrorism, promotes human rights and dignity, stands with Israel, defends the safety of Jews worldwide, and teaches the lessons of the Holocaust for future generations. With a constituency of over 400,000 households in the United States, it is accredited as an NGO at international organizations including the United Nations, UNESCO, OSCE, Organization of American States (OAS), the Latin American Parliament (PARLATINO) and the Council of Europe. 

Headquartered in Los Angeles, the Simon Wiesenthal Center maintains offices in New York, Toronto, Miami, Chicago, Paris, Buenos Aires, and Jerusalem.

The Center’s educational arm, founded in 1993 challenges visitors to confront bigotry and racism, and to understand the Holocaust in both historic and contemporary contexts. The Museum has served over 5 million visitors with 350,000 visiting annually including 150,000 students. Over 1.5 million children and youth have participated in the Museum experience and its programs. Over 200,000 adults have been trained in the Museum’s customized, professional development programs which include Tools for Tolerance®, Teaching Steps to Tolerance, Task Force Against Hate, National Institute Against Hate Crimes, Tools for Tolerance for Teens and Bridging the Gap.

A multi-faceted educational institution and social laboratory in the heart of Jerusalem that speaks to the world and confronts today’s important issues – like global antisemitism, extremism, hate, human dignity, and responsibility, and promoting unity and respect among Jews and people of all faiths. A place that teaches that greater than any external threat is the internal divide that separates and reinforces the idea that Jewish unity is not a slogan, but an essential recipe for survival in the 21st century. The three-acre, 180,000 square foot facility will house two experiential museums, one for adults and one for children, a state-of-the-art International Conference Center, Grand Hall, Education Center offering training programs and seminars given by outstanding teachers, rabbis and experts, and a Theater for the Performing Arts hosting important films and concerts.

The film division of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, was created to produce theatrical documentaries to educate both national and international audiences. It focuses on the 3,500-year old Jewish experience as well as contemporary human rights and ethics issues. Moriah has produced 11 films to date, two of which have received the Academy Award™ for best feature documentary, The Long Way Home (1997) and Genocide (1981).

The Campus Outreach division was created to forge strategic alliances with campus groups, faculty, staff and students, to foster a new awareness of contemporary human rights, social justice and ethics in today’s college and university students. By exposing the truth behind anti-Semitism, hate and terrorism, by promoting human rights and dignity, by standing firmly with Israel, and by celebrating our unique identity as Jews, campus outreach is creating a strong and effective presence on campuses nationwide and giving a voice to the next generation of global human rights activists.