We empower you to obtain the financial confidence and resources you need to take control of your money and wealth. Many of our clients engage with us when they are facing a major financial transition. Financial transitions that may lead you to seek our guidance include major life changing events such as divorce, losing  a spouse, retirement, getting an inheritance or selling your business. Our goal is to help you navigate the long-term impact these events have on your life and finances. We help our clients make smart decisions today that lead to a better quality of life in their future. We are here for you.

As a Certified Financial Transitionist, I am uniquely trained to help both women and men who go through life changes such as:

  • going from the workforce to retirement
  • losing a spouse and feeling an identity loss
  • suddenly becoming single and being forced to manage investments and finances
  • acquiring an inheritance which comes along with more complicated planning needs
  • selling a business with necessary changes in retirement and estate plans
  • winning a lottery

I am also trained to address the Four Stages of Transition in life as Certified Financial Transitionist.