Dr. Adler offers individualized chiropractic care for patients at Adler Family Chiropractic, located where he lives and works in North Fulton County, Georgia. He prides himself on creating a personalized treatment plan for each patient, rather than relying on standard techniques and exercises that only relieve symptoms while leaving the source of pain unaddressed. This approach allows patients to enjoy a healthy recovery and lower their risk of experiencing pain and other symptoms on a recurring basis.

Through a program at his alma mater, Dr. Adler is proud to help train future doctors through Life University College of Chiropractic’s PEAK program – Practice, Excellence, Art, Knowledge as extension faculty.  He is also a member of LIFEForce1000 at Life.

But he isn’t just teaching. Dr. Adler continues to gain knowledge and expertise in his field with ongoing postgraduate education. His current post-doctoral program of study includes advanced diagnosis, treatment, and adjustment of the extremities, as well as radiology.

Over the years, Dr. Adler has taken his knowledge and education and formulated a fusion of techniques, including Thompson, SOT, Full Spine, Cox, and several others, so that he can provide his patients with the right adjustment for their condition. He also has personal experience with spinal problems: After ending up with three herniated discs from an auto accident, Dr. Adler relied on chiropractic care and spinal rehabilitation to make a full recovery.

At his practice, his commitment to helping patients heal naturally involves correcting interferences in the nervous system that disrupt nerves and lead to pain and other symptoms. This helps boost the patient’s emotional and physical well-being, giving them a chance to discover their true potential.

Dr. Adler is an active member of Alpharetta’s BNI (Business Networking International) group – a networking organization of 40+ prominent local business owners, meeting weekly to promote one another’s interests and bettering the area. He has also recently been installed as President of the Hebrew Order of David’s – Lodge Shimshon, a Jewish fraternal organization dedicated to philanthropic endeavors in their local community and supporting one another.

Dr. Adler enjoys spending time with his wife, Tammy, and his children, Joshua and Amanda. He also has an interest in photography, personal portraits, landscapes, and astrophotography, and has rekindled his musical roots and started to study trumpet with one of Atlanta’s finest horn players.