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August 19, 2020 Free
The Tzedakah Project

The goal of The Paradigm Collective is to help jump-start change in order to move forward and improve our day-to-day functions and inspire future aspirations. Through providing exclusive online education, resume review, mentoring, and other career services, we can adjust the standard and invent a new norm.

​To define The Collective, we have focused on the 3 C’s:

  • Communication, possibly the most important key to success
  • Collaboration, a crucial component as we need to work together and support each other
  • Community, because if we lose sight of the bigger picture, the whole structure will collapse

The Process:

  1. Apply to the program via; the application must be completed in full with a current resume to be considered.​​
  2. A variety of services will be provided including online webinars relating to job searching, resume and cover letter writing, and maximizing your LinkedIn profile.
  3. Mandatory check-ins with The Tzedakah Project will be required to move to the next steps of the process, including being connected with a professional resume and branding expert who will provide feedback and suggestions on how to improve your written image.
  4. After your goal industry/position has been determined, you will be matched up with a relevant mentor to connect virtually or in person to help provide guidance and/or suggestions to have the best shot at advancement.

Thanks so much to our partners with the Career Services department of JC&FS Atlanta as well as Kari Peterson Consulting who will be providing professional services to our recipients.

The 3 C’s of our Participants:

  • ​Our mentors will be a…
    • Consultant, by providing information in their area of expertise
    • Coach, by listening to the needs and goals of their mentee
    • Cheerleader, by providing constructive feedback but also support and enthusiasm
  • And in exchange, our mentees will…​
    • Commit to the project
    • Show confidence in their skills and knowledge
    • Prove they are up for a challenge

While the above services will be provided complimentary to our recipients, there are a few criteria to which our mentees must adhere.

You should…

  • ​Be in the process of searching for a corporate or management position
  • Provide feedback and updates regarding the program and your mentor match
  • Want to help others in a similar way, once you are able

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